Bronze 2020 / Nature / Sunset (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Jason Stewart
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Sunset

I captured this photo in the Smoky Mountains National Park at Sunset. I travelled there in order to spread the ashes of my father who recently passed away. He loved spending time outdoors in the Smoky Mountains. This image represents an unforgettable moment to me that I will cherish forever.

I have been passionate about the craft of photography since a very young age, and was fortunate to have a darkroom in my home throughout my high school years to help further develop my photography skills and fuel my passion as a photographer. Though my passions lie in Wildlife and Nature Photography, that most certainly does not define who I am as a photographer, as I find great joy in capturing any and all forms of life, as long as the subject has a story to tell, or beauty to be revealed.