Tour Around the World with MIFA 2020: Ten Architectural Wonders Captured by Our Winners

October 6, 2020

An impressive amount of photo entries arrived to the Moscow International Foto Awards during 2020, transporting us to all corners of the globe. Since nowadays, travelling is somewhat problematic, we thought we would compile ten architectural wonders captured by our winners across the world. Bon voyage!

Fish Blessing by Din Wu – Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes

This big fish was captured in the nighttime by the photographer, a calm starry night in his city.

Look Up. Galaxy Soho by Ekaterina Busygina – First Place in Architecture 

The winner architectural photograph at the Moscow International Foto Award was the Galaxy Soho building in Beijing, China, comprises four main domed structures, fused together by bridges and platforms between curving floor plates to create a fluid environment that surrounds a series of public courtyards and a larger central “canyon”.

From The Series Human On Earth by Marcin Giba – Silver in Architecture/Cityscapes, Bronze in Nature/Aerial

This shot of the city pool in the artist’s hometown of Rybnik, Poland not only takes us on a trip into the heart of Europe, but also childhood summers past spent with friends.

Curves by Louis-Philippe Provost – Gold in Architecture/Buildings

These interesting curves can be found on the Canadian Museum of History designed by architect Douglas Cardinal. It is located in Gatineau, Canada and it peaked the creativity of the artist due to its unusual waves.

Between Green and Blue by Guanghui Gu – Bronze in Architecture/Bridges

Taken from the air using a drone right above the Yangmeiling Reservoir, Meilin Street, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. The amazing geometric shapes and vivid colours show us the coexistence of the water and forest with the high-speed rail rushing through the bridge.

Contact by Ahmed Thabet – Gold in Architecture/Bridges, 2nd Place winner in Architecture

This photo takes us to Malaysia to the sailing ship-like futuristic, impressive Seri Wawasan Bridge, towering 240 meters above ground. The photos were taken with an abstract approach with minimalistic composition to capture the magnificent nature of the bridge.


Vertigo by Christiaan Van Heijst – Bronze in Architecture/Buildings, Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes

The Netherlands-born photographer was captivated by Hong-Kong and its unique architecture and “indefinable vibe”: these buildings are typical residential buildings in the city with the largest amount of skyscrapers in the world.

The Upside-Down by Li,po-Yi – Silver in Architecture/Interiors

The bookstore in Chongqing in China is a whirlwind of books, not accidentally nicknamed the Upside-Down. Many people travel here to see the strength of the geometric design and numerous books.

Guiding Lights by Anna Illés – Bronze in Architecture/Interiors

Our next destination is Rome, Italy, where the photographer studied through photos how natural light creates the holy atmosphere for religious purposes in cathedrals and churches. By taking away the colors, we strip down the scenes so the powerful lines of lights and shadows are more prominent and the compositions can be interpreted as the battle of good and bad.

Manhattan Bridge by Kirill Simakov – Bronze in Architecture/Bridges

Our last photo takes us to the United States, more specifically to the Manhattan Bridge. The eerie image was captured during an early, foggy morning.

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