Jan Šmíd, Master Qep

Top 10 Photos from 2021 MIFA Advertising Category Winners

February 4, 2022

Advertising is the process of bringing items, services, opinions, or causes to the public's attention in order to persuade them to respond in a specific way to what is being promoted. Photos/images play a crucial role in advertising and selling different products. In this list, you can see a selection of 2021 MIFA Advertising Category winner's awarded photos.

designer bag in front of a background which was made out of matchbox cars

Bag Feature For The Mall At Short Hills - Brian Klutch

The Mall at Short Hills is one of the most opulent and high-end retail malls in the United States, situated in Short Hills, New Jersey. I'm hired on a regular basis to film fashion and accessory articles highlighting shop items. This specific tale was about handbags.

Green Eye - Jan Šmíd, Master Qep

After a long time, the photographer, Jan Šmíd finally finished post-processing one Aurora Borealis panorama from the previous fall excursion to Lofoten. 11 frames were used to create this panorama (11 frames in two rows). Photographer based in Prague who has won awards for landscape photography. Workshops, photo trips, and private photo lessons are all available. Certificate of mastery in QEP. Ambassador for Carl Zeiss.

panorama of aurora borealis
twins from profil in black

Bawar Sisters - Caesar Lima

Sheila Bawar portrait from the series The Unusual Beauty. As a self-described "non-conformist," the photographer thrives on doing the "wrong thing," which has led to a long list of top-tier commercial clients, including Disney, Sony, T-Mobile, and others. In So Paulo, Brazil, he developed an interest in technology, street photography, soccer, and urban toys. Lima is proficient in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and frequently shoots on the road.

Il Velo - Stefano Gerardi

It was vital to reach the altar without gazing in the eyes, unless after professing eternal love, during a time when partnerships were formed by the will of families. The bridal veil, thus, obscured the true characteristics of the newlyweds until the exchange of their words for the vow of marriage in ancient times. The veil is attempting to cover the bride's attractiveness by taking on the form of the girl's face.

a bridal veil flying on the beach
leopard shaped bag for children

Want Me Too - Natasha Pszenicki

All of the photographs in this gallery were photographed for ES Magazine as part of The Most Wanted. Establish a story based on the accessory's name or aesthetic appearance in collaboration with stylist Jessica Skeete-Cross and Natasha Pszenicki. The goal is to create extremely imaginative imagery that catches the eye of the customer and lifts the product to a higher level of desire.

It Is A Yes From God! - Jeff Liang

In Taiwan, a fashion shot was created that featured an old Chinese Taoism practice in which individuals seek God for advice in a temple using two red wooden nuggets. One side of each wooden nugget is rounded, while the other is flat. The seeker asks the same question again, then tosses the two nuggets on the ground. If one of the nuggets looks to be spherical on one side and flat on the other, it's a YES from God. If both sides are rounded side up or flat side up, God has said no. Jeff Liang keeps tradition alive by inventing a fun new technique to pique people's interest in it.

fashion photo combined with ancient chinese taoism tradition
spoons with a contrast background

My Colors, In Between - Pen-Yuan Hsu

Statement: There is always some kind of rhythm to things. Some are interrupted. Some are separated. Sometimes I want to get close to it. But it is too close. Sometimes I want to be brilliant. I want to come out of my shell. Description: I try to express my emotions by abstract images with visual interest. It might be just stylish still life photography. For me, it is more than that. Just like the title, it is not only black and white. There is still something inside it, perhaps inside my mind.”

Farmer and The Cow - Minghang Lai

For two years, these works were shot in Xiapu, Fujian, China, with the topic of farmer and cow. Before, keep a record of life in the countryside. Chinese people utilized the Zodiac to determine their age in ancient times. This is the Year of the Ox, and the zodiac signs are 1, 13, 25, 37, and 49. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig are the zodiac signs. He may have the characteristics of a bull, such as being diligent, ambitious, loyal and honest, pragmatic, with a strong sense of duty, and endurance. Fighting is a sign of a bad temper.

chinese workers with cows
man walking on waves, black and white photo

Long Road - Chengfang Changchien

There is no right or wrong in life; everything happens for a reason. Do what's in front of you quietly, adhere to your initial decision, and trust in the beauty of looking back unexpectedly. Believe that leaving will lead to a better encounter, and that the lengthy journey will be filled with strength.

Creative Colorful Malao - Chin-Fa Tzeng

In the traditional Taiwanese New Year event, Malao is a sweet sacrifice to Tian Gong (the God of Heaven). Worshiping Ma Lao has a long-term connotation. The classic Malao is wrapped in one of three flavors: rice, peanut, or sesame. The current Taiwanese food sector has pushed the boundaries of confectionary inventiveness. Aside from the typical three tastes, marshmallows, chocolate beans, pumpkin seeds, seaweed, almond slices, purple rice, peanuts, curry... are all made with Chinese and Western components. A wide range of vibrant colors and delectable flavors.

taiwanese traditional colorful desserts