George Mayer - 2021 MIFA Exhibited at PhotoPro Studios Moscow

MIFA To Open Second Exhibition on 28th of October 2021

October 14, 2021
Following the success of the Moscow International Foto Awards Exhibition in Photo Pro Center in Moscow, the organizers of MIFA are launching a second exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod to honor the talented award-winning photographers. The 2021 edition MIFA winners were awarded in the following categories: Advertising, Architecture, Book, Editorial, Events, Fine Art, Nature, People and Portfolio and will be exhibited along with main prize winners Photographer of the Year and New Talent of the Year.

The first exhibition of 2021 was very well received in the Moscow photography community, with hundreds of visitors and a lively opening ceremony, where winners and participants like Mikhail Krasnov, Head of PhotoPro; Valery Nikiforov, Director of the Photocenter on Gogolevsky, home to previous MIFA exhibitions; Nina Kiseleva, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Professionals of the Photo Industry were also present.

The up-coming exhibition will be officially open from 18:00 on the 28th October to the 7th November 2021 at the Record Cultural Center. (Address: Alekseevskaya street, 7, Nizhny Novgorod.)

The 2021 MIFA winners whose work will be exhibited are:
George Mayer, Wesley Dombrecht, Mathilda Perrot, Max Faber, Evgenii Domanov, Paul Brouns, Oyvind Hjelmen, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Ricardo Garcia Vilanova, Peter Caton, Alessia Santambrogio, Rui Caria, Liliane Schwab, Roksolyana Hilevych, Boyan Ortse, Arseniy Neskhodimov, George Kamper, Giampiero Marcocci, Christy Lee Rogers, Yu-heng Chen, Michele Dolci, Guenther Reissner, Jun Yeh, Susana Cabanero, Jonas Dahlström, Jordan Stern, Antonio Bernardino Coelho, Alfred Jurcalis, Vladimir Karamazov, Jean-Paul Soujol, Ahmad Kaddourah, Matthew Bagley, Olga Posth, Anne Ziolo, Salvatore Montemagno, Christian Basetti, Natalya Zhukova, Alexander Shilov.
2021 MIFA Exhibition
2021 MIFA Exhibition