Magnificent Nature Photography from 2021 MIFA Winners

September 29, 2021

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” This quote by Albert Einstein is a quote that rings true: our lives are interlinked with the world around us. There is nothing that proves this better than the magnificent nature photography from 2021 MIFA winners: often, we stand in awe of the moments the talented photographers skilfully capture.

Salty World – Boyan Ortse

The salty lands of France are often unknown by the general public – so the photographer took it upon himself to explore it for us. He captured the images with a drone.

Tail – Erika Miura

A small tail and a big one – a calf and his mother swimming in Japanese waters. Humpback whales often make the long journey for the winter to raise their calves here.

Fairy Tale – George Garcia

Just like a scene from a fairy tale: a white heron captures breakfast on a foggy morning right before the sun rose in the cypress swamps of southwestern Louisiana.


Where the Light Comes In – Hartmut Rieg

Vivid sunsets that warm our hearts on Lake Constance, Langenargen, Germany Рthe photographer captured these moments to demonstrate that nature provides us with warmth, life and infinite colour.

Double Turtle – Renata Romeo

A creature of the sea in action: this hawksbill turtle emerged to breathe some fresh air. Her body’s geometry was perfectly reflected and captured in a scene of serenity and ultimate peace.

Pandora – Marcio Esteves Cabral

Another proof that through nature we live in a fairy tale: these fields of the  paepalanthus wildflower during the waning moon in Veadeiros Tablelands, Brazil. Combined with the milky way, this scene looks almost like it has been captured on another planet.

Flowers In The Night РOlga Posth

An art-photography series from the 2021 Moscow International Foto Awards: the images were taken during the night involving chromatic spectrums of light. As the photographer describes, she was “guided by not only my knowledge of colour but also by my intuition.” There were no filters or photoshop manipulations.

Lalu Island – Aaron Chuo

Lalu Island is a small island in Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan. The island used to be much bigger, separating the lake into a part shaped like crescent moon and another part shaped like a round sun. “Lalu” means something like “after”, or “later,” with similar meanings from Taiwan to Indonesia. Legend has it that Thao hunters discovered Sun Moon Lake while chasing a white deer through the surrounding mountains.

Drink At Night – Hong Chen

A powerful image late in the night in Kenya: the photographer was lucky enough to catch on camera a very rare species of wild cat, the Caracal, drinking from the pond near the bunker where she was hiding.

Gold Autumn – Chung-Chien Chiang

Autumn in a picture: the photo was taken of the naturally-grown populus euphratica. The effect of wind and sand, the golden leaves, and the sunlight gave the scene a golden, almost halo-like feel.

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