Charles Xelot-There Is Gas Under The Tundra-MIFA

There Is Gas Under The Tundra

by Charles Xelot
Jury Pick of Tina Schelhorn

Project description The Yamal peninsula, in the Russian Arctic, holds one of the largest gas field in the world. Actually the most ambitious industrial project of the far North is under construction at the edge of the peninsula. However the Yamal peninsula is also the settlement of one of the last nomadic population in the world: the Nenets. In this harsh environment the human ecosystem is simple : Large industries, small villages and reindeer shepherds. Changes in the region are a metaphor for the global situation. This work examines the alterations caused by the energy needs of mankind.

Charles Xelot is a photographer specialized in Russia. Exploring the limit between art and documentary, he devoted himself for many years to the deepening of a subject. His favorite themes are related to social and environmental changes. His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Russia and Turkey. He has published five books and his work is present in the Borusan and Rothschild collections.

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