Evgenii Domanov
The Crumbling Beauty of Petersburg – Evgenii Domanov

Evgenii Domanov

MIFA 2021 Winner, 1st Place in Architecture (Professional) – “Crumbling Beauty of Petersburg

Born in the distant Siberia in the Soviet Union in 1977, Evgenii Domanov’s passion towards photography was ignited when his parents gave him a camera at the age of 7. At that time, photography was very popular and almost every family had a small film camera, but for him, it became something so much more. 

Q: Tell us a bit more about your winning project and what inspired you to do it? 
My project, which won the competition, is called “Crumbling Beauty.” In it I wanted to show the architecture of the old mansions of St. Petersburg, which, despite the time, have not lost their beauty and aesthetics. I was inspired to do this photo project through the work of the American photographer Michael Eastman, or rather his project Havana. I also wanted to show the aesthetics of ancient architecture in combination with colors, reminiscent of the paintings of the old masters. I shot this project for over a year, often arriving in St. Petersburg and finding something new.

Q: What type of photos do you like to take in your free time?
Besides architecture, I like to photograph seascapes and wildlife in Japan. My series “Japanese Cranes” received 7 awards and jury ratings at international competitions 2020-2021.

Q: What genre of photography is new to you that you would like to explore?
Architecture is a new genre for me, and I am constantly studying it. Leading architects, artists, photographers are my consultants, I learn a lot from them. Just yesterday I returned from a long trip to Havana, where I explored Spanish colonial architecture – this will be my new photography project.

Q: Besides a camera, what do you think are the three most important tools of a photographer?
In my opinion, the main tools of a photographer, besides the camera, are knowledge of art history, sophisticated taste and a background in the form of knowledge of paintings by great artists and works of talented photographers.

Q: How do you know when a body of work is completed?
I can shoot one project for several years and all this time it ignites me. And then comes the understanding that I did everything I could. Then it lets me go and I start working on the study or research of a new topic.

Q: If it could be anything at all, what would your photography dream project be?
I would really like to see and take pictures of the historical interiors of past centuries in their original form, but unfortunately, this dream is impracticable.

Q: If you could take one last photo in your life, what would it be?
If we talk about the last photo, I would like to take a photo with a deep philosophical meaning, so that it inspires my children and gives them strength in moments of despair.

Q: Who/what is your biggest source of inspiration?
The main source of inspiration for me is painting, architecture and music.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Advice for beginners: start studying photography not with a camera device, but with studying art history, this is where you will find answers to all modern questions that torment modern photographers.

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