Impressive Architecture Photography at the 2021 Moscow International Foto Awards

August 9, 2021

A combination of colours, materials and forms: architecture comes down to the way we perceive buildings, just like works of art. This year, we were swooped up and taken to many corners of the world through the lenses of our photographers: here is a compilation of the most impressive architecture photography at the 2021 Moscow International Foto Awards.

Union of Diversity – Paul Brouns

A long-time fan of special facades, the photographer wanted to immortalize the “Omnizorg” building in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The building provides a home for those in need: drug addicts, homeless people and people with psychiatric issues.

Manhattan From Brooklyn – Bahar Kural

This is how Manhattan looks from a Brooklyn point-of-view: the photographer who lives in New York City with her children, is not unfamiliar with architecture: she runs her own real estate development firm.

Freedom Tower, Full Moon – Satheesh Nair

The seventh tallest building in the world, the Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center was built in the place after the tragic 9/11 catastrophe. The building in the nighttime gives an eerie feeling with the full moon.

Turns of Time – Katti Borre

An image to represent the passing of time and the renewal of days: the buildings remain as the sun dips and comes up, a cycle of time that is uninterrupted.

Building Components – Glenn Goldman

The photographer, also a professor in architecture, captured this image of the Lloyd’s building (built in 1978) in London, England.

Abandoned – Guenther Reissner

Nature will always find a way – this abandoned train yard in Poland is the perfect example of this: concrete and metal becomes a forest yet again.

Curves in Colors – Louis-Philippe Provost

California, United States: the Disney Concert Hall’s curves and forms provide a beautiful contrast to the colored sky.

Jetty to Switzerland – Dominique Dubied

A lake, mysterious and large, in the middle of Colombier, Lac de Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.


Eye – Sartori Fabio

Man made construction and a tiny human: a this photo captures a gigantic cooling tower in geothermal plant.


Looking up from a hotel lobby, we see a different perspective: quirky geometry and reflections play together with the sky’s light.