Humans Around the World: The Best People Photographs in 2020

June 4, 2021

Though a worldwide pandemic hit the population of Earth on many, levels, life did not stop, even if it slowed down. We laughed, cried, were happy and sad, surrounded by emotions that make us human. The best people photographs in 2020 at the Moscow International Foto Awards show us a glimpse into the world of individuals around us.

Purge – Mona Illa

Gold winner in People/Self-Portrait category at the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards, this image show us a self portrait of the artist, Mona Illa. A sense of isolation reminds us when viewing this image, along with the memory of being locked away as a form of stopping the spread of a virus.

Morning Tea – Joe Lai

The Taiwanese photographer gladly captures scenes of the life of elders: calm, peaceful and slow, enjoyed by each and every one of them. People in the village start their days with tea and a cigarette, this photo series shows this slow-paced life through a true lens.

Al Agua – Enrique Mancera

A custom in Venezuela, when a couple gets engaged, they “Throw themselves in water,” a saying that means they embark on an adventure together into the unknown, an exciting new phase in their life.

Strangers Next Door – Nadezhda Ermakova

Having a Russian diploma in Africa is a very sought-after reward for studies – because of this, approximately two thousand students from Africa enter the Tambov university in Russia. The intent to help these student feel comfortable among the local is often met with resistance, leading them to feel isolated and alone.

The Apple of Mother’s Eye – Wen Huan Huang

A beautiful image shot for the special occasion of a daughter being born, the baby lies in the mother’s hands like a little precious pearl. To keep with traditions, the mother wore her aboriginal Taiwanese clothes and her daughter had a hair band that has been passed on from generations in the family.

Mongolia, Land and Loneliness – Harry Fisch

An adventure into the heart of Mongolia, the photographer captured its inhabitants who are full of light and love for each other.

Wish It Was a Coming Out – Melissa Ianniello

A project of many years discovering the homosexual relationships of the older generation in Italy. The characters in this photo series are between the ages of 60 and 90 – the photographer, herself a lesbian, wanted to document the intimate moments of love between the community.

The lives of fighters in Thailand is a muddle of six hour-long commutes packed with fellow fighters, preparation every day and an uncertainty of weather conditions, not caring about injuries because it all might pay off one day. Hundreds of fights, superhuman abilities and persistence: the way to retirement of a Muay Thai fighter.

Almost – Natalia Krezel

Taken in Bothwell, Scotland, Poor Clare Monastery, the title of this photo-project is “Almost nun left” and it is a documentary focusing on women that decided to pursue a life-calling to be a nun. They stepped back from ordinary life and dedicated their life to the Lord, for almost 20 years, no new nuns have joined the Monastery.

Friends For Life – Shourjendra Datta

South Bengal, India: a group of happy kids playing around on the banks of a river in low tide – the photographer captured the image just as the sun was about to set.