Clever Advertising Photography From 2020 MIFA Winners

May 6, 2021

The world of creatives working in the background of ads is one full of excitement and action: grasping that perfect moment to convey the desired message often hangs in the balance. These clever advertising photography works show us how great it is when those moments are captured and the image comes to life.

Impossible Minigolf by Antti Karppinen

When an optical illusion inspires an advertising photo: the Penrose steps appear, integrated harmoniously into the green scene.


A couple playing mini golf on a course that has an illusion
A portrait with three women, with frawings contouring their faces.

All People Are Unique by Olivier Bain

An homage to tattoo artist Mo Ganji, this image aims to demonstrate that we are all unique in our own way, all different, just like snowflakes. Everyone is a brand new canvas, regardless of skin or hair colour, our physical features.

Stories Scheherezade Certified by Grzegorz Sikorski

A dream-like mixture of Aladdin and Scheherezade set in the desert, this photo shoot is a tribute to exploring and adventure, colour and magic to tell an engaging story to the viewers.

Three beautiful women walking in the oasis with a rolled up carpet with legs hanging out.

The Egg by Marian Lázaro Martin

The protagonist of this story is the Egg: ever so powerful against a black background, it balances on two forks delicately placed – an image that is interesting as well as dramatic as we think about the story of Humpty-Dumpty.

Bon Appetit by Yulia Shur

An incredibly clever advertising photography project, Yulia Shur’s self-portrait shows us what happens when we combine endless creativity and a Japanese headphone company’s campaign.

The Spirit of Water II. by Hansa Tangmanpoowadol

In this scene, the “spirit of water” is an actual ghost – inspired by Sci-Fi movies, the water creature tries to appear in many forms while the characters run from it.

The Last Supper by Din Wu

A parallel between the selflessness of Jesus and the farmers who work the lands to give us food all-year-round. The fruits and vegetables they produce for us provide us with precious nutrition – Last Supper is a symbol of this concept.

Domestic Violence by Antti Karppinen

Domestic violence can occur in many forms. It is however, among the most damaging factors that can happen in a child’s life: when the two parents abuse each other, the child also gets destroyed in the process.

The Inverted Night Sky by William Ye

A controversial story of Mikhail, who had to flee his home country in Africa due to persecution of albino people. In the Western world, paleness is celebrated, but in Africa, it often leads to judgment and persecution.

Mermaid Tears by Coman Mihaela

A photography shoot focusing on the health of the oceans and seas, the Mermaid is the sea as it changes, gets polluted and more unhealthy every day.

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