Bronze 2020 / People / Children

Carnival In Milan 2020

  • Photographer
    Gianfranco Ferraro
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Children

MILAN, FEBRUARY 27 - Coronavirus positives have risen to 650 in Italy. In Lombardy, 403 people have been infected (40 of them have been discharged because they have recovered and 14 died) The Lombardy Region has prepared an ordinance. Among the measures there are the suspension of demonstrations or initiatives of any nature, of events and of any form of meeting in public or private place, the suspension of childhood education services and schools of all order and grade.

Gianfranco Ferraro lives in Milan. He took the photos of the movie "Un Mondo d'Amore" by Aurelio Grimaldi, of the shorts "Solo dei Sogni Sono Veri" by Francesco Di Leva and "Giganti" by Fabio Mollo. He directed the photography of the short "Deformation" by the emerging director Giuliano Picciotto.