2021 / Portfolio / Personal (Non-Pro)

Cretaceous Paleobiota

  • Photographer
    Carlos Ramiro
  • Agency / Studio
    Carlos Ramiro Photography

High precision geochronological techniques have dated Burmese amber in Cretaceous Period, specifically in Cenomanian Stage, 99 million years old. Burmese amber formed at a time of a major change in life on earth. The Angiosperms plant were radiating rapidly, which had a major impact on the Arthropod fauna. This reflected in the amber as it contains a mixture of extinct and living families. Burmese amber is located in the hill area in the southwest corner of the Hukawng basin,{Hukawng valley} Kachin state, northern Myanmar. The mining still carried out by Kachin people by manual method.

I was born in Spain. From the end of the 80s to the mid-90s I was a freelance photographer, the first years self-taught, later I studied for two years at the Center for Photographic Studies in Palma de Mallorca. They were years of intense travel through much of Europe, the Maghreb and part of the Middle East, Central America and Southeast Asia, always accompanied by my analog reflex camera. I was awarded in some local photography contest, published some reports in national travel and adventure magazine, and one day...I finished with the world of photography. 25 years later, in 2020,I return.