2021 / Fine Art / Portrait

2020 Vision

  • Photographer
    Deirdre Brennan
  • Agency / Studio
    Redux Pictures

“2020 Vision” is a series of street portraits highlighting the concerns, opinions and hopes of citizens for the year 2020. I projected an eye chart onto the subject from a mobile projector beside the camera. It is a pun on 2020 vision. This is a straight one shot in camera photograph, with no post production apart from colour correction. I began this project in the months before Covid-19. What is most striking is that there is no mention of the global pandemic. We were blissfully unaware of what was coming around the corner. When lockdown started, it was impossible to continue to photograph.

A graduate of The National College of Art and Design, Deirdre Brennan worked as a photojournalist and documentary photographer in New York for over a decade. On contract with The New York Times since 2000, her work has been published throughout the world in titles such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Portrait of Humanity, Stern, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, The Hollywood Reporter, Panorama, American Photography, Vice, Mother Jones, The Smithsonian and The London Sunday Times.