2018 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Richard Le Manz

A trip to intelligence. Through the contemplation and photography of different habitats to all over the planet and with prizes in photography of landscape, the artist goes a step further, not only to captivate the senses but also with the intention of exciting the intelligence of viewer. Move consciences A call for attention to all the agents involved, who alter distant and nearby habitats, from the manufacturers of vehicles, the authorities, even the consumer, to provoke a change in policies, in habits and ultimately provoke a world more protected, cleaner.

Ricardo Manzanilla Ramos, is a visual artist, with extensive training in engineering. Always passionate about travel, nature, since 2002 he has visited more than 29 countries always in search of natural beauty, the most extraordinary habitats, new cultures and people, in search of discovering new experiences and new knowledge.In 2013, in order to better express your travels and experiences, discover this exciting world and adopt the artistic name of Richard Le Manz, to start a career of continuous learning and evolution of his photography, maturing as an artist with each step.