2018 / Nature / Aerial

Pink Coloradas #1

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Enrico Pescantini

All you see is natural: on the edge of Gulf of Mexico, there is this small fisherman towns called Rio Lagartos, where I found this out-of-nature pink lakes. Just next to a sandy beach and the ocean, in these pond of salty water a local factory extracts sea salt, and mixing salty water with the muddy waters inland, forms this amazing colors. It is also home of hundreds of Flamingos, which you can see as little pinky dots in this photography.

My mission is to see the world, and visit as many places as possible. As now I count 56 countries visited.And my travel companion is Photography, all type of it: digital cameras, polaroids and drones.I try to bring something unusual to my Travels, such as icons of Pop culture like Barbie and Ken, Star Wars and so on. That’s also because I am quite a nerd.Enjoy my work, and if you like to hang it on your walls, just contact me, happy to have PescArts all around the world.Enrico Pescantini