2016 / Events / Other_EVN

St. George's horse (in the dragon's lair)

  • Photographer
    Alessandro Romeo

In this work, a byre in a slum city of Catania. A painting 'Equestrian' hanging on the bottom of the barn, nearly indicated by the ears of the horse in the foreground: St. George slaying the dragon. The image is alienating in a place probably close to street racing. The horse seems to live right in the lair of the monster metaphor of cunning and malice, of the difficulty of distinguishing good from evil in Sicily, because of a culture full of compromises.

Alessandro Romeo was born in 1977, he is a documentary photographer based in Sicily, Italy. Since 2012 he joined the editorial staff of "I Siciliani giovani" as photographer and photo editor. In 2013 wins Young Factory, prize for emerging artists, and exposed for the first time abroad, in Budapest. In 2014, with the project 'Synesthesia of Memory' exhibited at Art Factory 04 in a dedicate stand. He has received international prizes awarded by PX3, IPA, MIFA, and he has been exhibited in festivals and art fairs in Roma, Milano, Catania, Siracusa, Palermo, Budapest. Alessandro collaborates