2016 / Editorial / sports

Blood and Sand

  • Photographer
    tommaso rada

Urros is a parish of the county Mogadouro which has 318 inhabitants but, according to the President of the Parish Council, Mr. Belarmino Silvestre Pinto, the number doubles in the summer with the arrival of migrants. On the right bank of the River Douro, the Urros parish is twenty kilometers of Mogadouro village with a single path that reaches the parish. The national road 221 there are still buildings of the old train station now closed forever. Its border character, along with rolling hills, marked its evolution throughout history; located on a small hill, it is surrounded by small valleys. Apparently his name is a topographical origin, but there are theories that the name can have a Muslim background. Urros is a parish that has undergone considerable development in recent years considering that until the mid-century agriculture was still extremely rudimentary. August 15, 2015 is an important day for the Urros parish as the annual bull fight coincides with the feast of the parish. It is more or less 20 years that in Urros the annual bulls fight is organized. Although the race is scheduled 17:30 as early as 15:30 in front of the arena entries start coming viewers of all ages to assess the horses that will participate.