2016 / Editorial / General News


  • Photographer
    vito finocchiaro
  • Agency / Studio
    Eikon Culture

In Peru, in the area between Cuzco and Maras, altitude of about 3.400 meters, there are spread villages where daily life is carried on with great difficulty. The natural environment offers very little and everything is achieved with much effort. Grazing animals have little to eat, humans get poor harvests despite the remarkable work. Also children take part to this activity. Not everyone can go to school and all those that have the opportunity to study must walk several kilometers to get there. Often, once they are back home, they have to help in the fields or take care of the livestock. And there is also the phenomenon of the abandoned children given away by parents in need… The bred animals are mostly slaughtered and sold while for the family are retained only the parts of lesser quality, offal. Everything is reduced to the essentials. The houses, built with sheet metal, are icy with cold weather and boiling when it's hot. Only one shower is available for all the inhabitants of the village. People who have spent their whole existence in these places and here will forever remain.

Vito was born in Sicily in 1965. Free professional. Careful observer of problems. His passion for his work let him “live” and “tell” facts about people of this place of origin and from far parts of the world. Because of his interest in social issues he has collaborated with some Onlus.