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Entry Title: "Genetic factor & Human's will"
hoon lee
, Korea, Republic of
Category and Expertise: Science, Professional

Entry Description: This photo works represent how strong the Gene manipulate human’s body and mind by using her power like hormone or nerve system and something else.
The Gene holding a ball looks like egg in the womb show up on the stage with human.
The Gene and human seems to be in good relationship and human are looked like to follow the order of Gene. The Gene used to shake the hoop as a symbol of unification to human who are not satisfied furthermore she whip a ribbon to human.
Human have been tried to be together by themselves without the Gene.
Even if the Gene is looked very perfect, she drops the egg sometimes – Who knows? even this mistake may be well planned from the beginning. And the Gene is seems to be “I don’t care” with shaking a ribbon looks like chromonema while human take a hoop for their right.
What will be happen between Human and Gene?