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Entry Title: "Shortly Before dawn"
Pagratis Pagratidis
, Greece
Category and Expertise: Fine Art, Professional

Entry Description: Art photography, texts and a video concentrating the essence of the Artist’s speculations about life and the world that surrounds him.
An existential trip taking place in a silent, late night mind wandering, aiming to drag out of the oblivion and the sub consciousness, all the things we long for their recollection, their truth.
While moving towards the dawn, the artist is thinking, wondering, suffering in a mental fight against himself and the world, uncovering his perceptions and
Cosmo theory. Existential anxiety, love, loneliness, urban life, his art are some of his themes.
The reader/viewer is invited to become a fellow traveller in a journey where, shortly before dawn, “me” becomes “you”, becomes “us”.