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Entry Title: "Daniela, portrait of my mother"
Niko Giovanni Coniglio
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Fine Art;People, Professional

Entry Description: I started photographing my mother to learn how to use a camera. I
continued doing it in order to spend some time with her. I'm still
photographing her to witness and tell our story. Photography is a sort
of bridge in our relationship and helps me to know her. The project
"Daniela, portait of my mother", it's not only my mother's portrait. In
this work I represent her life's situations or events, but also the ones
that directly impacted on me, as well as my own family experiences.
Sometimes I simply try to stage situations that become real, and a
memory in the very moment I shoot them. "Of course, some painful
cracks developed in my soul and I lived away from reality for who
knows how long". This is one of the sentences my mother wrote in her
diary, which offers an important reference point for this work.