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Entry Title: "On The Edge Of Rush"
Adam Dorn
, United States
Category and Expertise: Nature, Professional

Entry Description: It had been 3 days of watching data. Two massive M class flares were headed directly for Earths magnetic field. It was only a matter of time before the two clashed together to erupt into a beautiful display of light.

It was mid day as the first flare slammed into Earth. Data was off the charts and the ovation map glowed red. Europe was getting one heck of a show! It was hours before I would get off of work and before the sun would set. As I got home the data dropped. I knew the second flare was right behind it, and hopped that the two hadn't merged on its journey through space.

I grabbed my gear and headed north. The whole time I had this feeling like I was about to experience something epic. I got to my location a few moments before sunset. A brief patch of clouds rushed over as the wind howled at 25 mph. The wind and clouds passed revealing the Northern Lights.

I was struck in awe. Frozen I stared North as I tilted my head to look above me. The lights were dancing above me, almost luring me off the ground. I was so awe struck it took me a moment to get my senses back from the overwhelming amount of amazement.
I set up on the dock looking North. The Northern Lights took over the entire Northern horizon. I stood there in absolute solitude and silence. Yet as I pressed the shutter a rush of emotions raged through me like the solar storm in the night sky. Pressing the shutter I felt so alive and deeply connected with nature. Looking at this shot it lures you in, enticing you to walk to the end of the dock. Filling yourself with adrenaline, rushing with emotions, as goosebumps take over. A moment I will never forget in my life.