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Entry Title: "Eve's Glory"
A. Tamboly
, Germany
Category and Expertise: Portfolio, Professional

Entry Description: My project “Eve’s Glory” aims to highlight the contrast between this history of military and officials and the pride and “glory” with today’s modern women.
In my new project, I intend to explore the visual impossibility of presenting women in uniforms. I am interested in challenging the conventional ways in which female is presented in visual arts. Women in fashion magazines, TV commercials, and mainstream lms, are usually dressed in a way that speaks naturally to a structure of social expectations characterized by a sharp division between masculinity and femininity, dominance and passivity, toughness and delicacy. I see that such a one- dimensional way of presenting women risks failing to capture those who are in a state of internal or, amongst all, external obstacles in their full complexity.
is photo project shows women with the contrast between two di erent worlds. It deals with unique characters regardless of age, health and origin. Women who fought their ways through life and young ladies who strive for their path.
Hence, in this art project, I will play with the visual incongruity of women dressed in military uniforms presented in a faithful detailed atmosphere. I prefer to keep their facial features natural and delicate by using dramatic lighting, inspired by the paintings and photographs of that era, according to it these features and the uniforms have become part of their physical appearance.
Military uniforms in the history are symbols of heroic and elite social status. e authentic uniforms belong to o cials from several countries , between 1868 and the 1930s, symbolize the strict system value of this period, which manifested itself in portraits. Atypically this style is broken by fates of each individual and gives the images a new depth to induce the viewer to think, accordingly the target is to create visual imagery that is both real and surreal. Melting away the gender barriers through the integration of women in this masculine world and create space for a new horizon. It is inspired by the way in which the role of women has changed in history., With this project, I ask the question: if they had this status back then, how would it be perceived by the world?
For the military uniforms used in the project, I collected them from antique shops in several countries, local and online military surplus shops, eBay, and private collectors.
e models in this project are as I mention, older women, women with incurable illness, and striving young artists. e shootings took place in old townhalls, palaces, parks and museums in and around Berlin, which gives a sense of historicity to the images.