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Entry Title: "Gaza, the aftermath"
Virginie Nguyen Hoang
, Belgium
Category and Expertise: Editorial, Professional

Entry Description: The last war in Gaza during the Israeli operation “Protective Edge” has made 2205 victims on the Palestinians side and 71 on the Israeli side. But the damages don’t stop on the number of casualties. Indeed, more than 18 000 houses have been destroyed without counting the number of commerce’s and agriculture lands. Accordingly, three months after the ceasefire, the UN counted more than 108 000 homeless in the Gaza Strip. Some of the people who have lost their home were living in UNRWA schools used as shelters, others went back to their houses trying to live in what’s left of their destroyed building, in a improvised tent or there are those who have benefited from temporary houses such like containers. However, while some of the citizens of Gaza have slowly started to rebuild their houses with the finances promised by the International Community, others still waiting. There is a process to follow with a system of license to rebuild the house and that takes a lot of time to obtain. Anyway, one year after the 2014 war, despite the lack of material and the long procedures of agreements between Israel, the Hamas and the Fatah to let the rebuild material to enter Gaza and finance it, Gazans try to have the best conditions of life in an environment that doesn’t really offer them the chances for it.
“Gaza, the aftermath” is the story of Gazans who have lost partially or totally their houses during the war 2014. The aim is to document how they live in such conditions, what are their struggles (psychologically as well) and how the situation and the rebuilding are progressing…or not.