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Entry Title: "Medical Mocks"
Nancy Scherl
, United States
Category and Expertise: Science, Professional

Entry Description: ‘Medical Mocks’ are an illusion of anatomical structures with objects orbiting in microcosmic spaces. The main part of each image is artificially constructed (both set and objects) and composed, in camera. Other components, photographed in camera, by the artist, are often collaged into the constructed image and often include ‘real’ (not artificially constructed) components. Special effects are sometimes applied in the postproduction. The viewer is asked to dissect the images and with further examination, to determine that which is exaggerated, fantasized and scientifically impossible. The work has to do with the fragility of the human condition and the paradoxical images are intended to provide perspective, humor, and hope. It also alludes to the continued and rapid technological advances of digital cameras and their capabilities. Though it is a fantasy today, perhaps tomorrow, medical imaging will be able to use super microscopic photography to capture high definition, gallery sized imagery which will allow scientists to get closer views of the macrocosms which exist in the human body. Along with these discoveries, new solutions will be born.

The artist’s imagery retains it’s tactile qualities and bold sense of color, by applying theatrical lighting techniques to her artificially constructed objects and sets and often creating special effects in postproduction. Her subjects come to life just as Gapetto’s favorite marionette, Pinocchio. ‘The real’ and ‘the unreal’ are blended together presenting her objects which masquerade seamlessly, taking center stage in her medical theater.