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Entry Title: "Anime Prigioniere / Caged Souls"
sergio caminata
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Book (Series Only), Professional

Entry Description: "Anime Prigioniere/ Caged Souls " is a 150 pages book, published by Editoriale Il Cittadino s.r.l. on July 2015 First Edition, commissioned by the Institute of Healthcare of Regione Lombardia, Italy.

The project is a research about the life condition of psychological unstable patients hospitalized for decades in a mental clinic.
I spent 8 months in trying to know them, to know their daily life.. looking, when possible , for a human contact..using B/W language knowing that is the deepest message who gives us the idea of interpretation and imagination, the one that let us reflect more.
It would have been too simple to show their suffer and desperate conditions..the purpose of these images is to give back humanity and dignity to the unlucky people i met, who always gave me so much and that I will never ever forget. I will always be thankful.