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Entry Title: "Phantasmagorical"
Patrizia Piga
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Fine Art, Professional

Entry Description: An abundance of food accessible to everyone. An idyllic world where food never founders but is created with the power of imagination. The idea is of a world where it’s no longer necessary to work in order to live. The only need is to live as food already exists in the landscape. Most likely this provokes strange moral reactions. However, I find the courage to express all of this with her imagination. If it is no longer necessary to work, then one can dedicate him/herself to what one likes to do. If one no longer needs to elbow one’s way in order to prove oneself or make money, then there is peace and joy. The construction of these images is rather complex. Every element that makes up each composition has been photographed individually, on set, with artificial lighting. The atmosphere that springs forth has already been imagined and remains in mind during the whole working process. Then there is the editing in Photoshop, where all the elements are assembled and, little by little, the landscape emerges.