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Entry Title: "Chickens | Preserving Biodiversity."
emanuela colombo
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Science, Professional

Entry Description: Modern poultry breeding methods only involve the use of two chicken breeds, hybrid and totally created by man through genetic modifications: the breed broiler (meat) and the laying hen (for eggs). The focus on profit has led poultry farmers to ignore the history and territorial origins of the species, to promote a standardized production that has no other aim than the greatest profit. A real cultural and biological pollution, which has almost determined the extinction of hundreds of genetic types and a very high damage to the species biodiversity. Fortunately some nostalgic fans have started researching the last vestiges of the original breeds of chickens and have taken to breed, reviving poultry breeds almost disappeared. If it was not for them many of these chickens would definitely extinct and their genes lost. The breeders of these ancient breeds compete in beauty competitions, each animal is evaluated for posture, size, shape, design and color of the plumage.