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Entry Title: "Kintsugi - riparare con l'oro"
Teresa Carnuccio
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Fine Art, Professional

Entry Description: "Kintsugi - riparare con l'oro" is a self-portrait project. It is about celebrating the battles the soul has come through, accepting and honoring the scars that testify to how it has been shattered and has come together as more complete and precious.
The title is borrowed from the ancient Japanese technique of repairing porcelain vessels accentuating the cracks with gold instead of concealing them.
Gold foil is applied by hand at the end of the printing process.
"Kintsugi" is part of a wider ongoing project on rebirth called "Rinascimenti Privati", that could be translated as "Private Renaissances". In Italian Rinascimento means both "rebirth" and the Renaissance, an era that witnessed the flourishing of the arts and intellectual activities after the Middle Age.