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Entry Title: "Time To Rush Home"
David Nam Lip LEE
, Malaysia
Category and Expertise: People, Professional

Entry Description: This series of images were specifically captured an environment with expression of muslim people after they completed the congregation of the Bishwa Ijtema at Tongi, Bangladesh. One of the main transportation for the people to leave this place is train. Railway station is the place that tells us good stories and provides many different variety of composition for photography. During the assignment, expressions of people is the main target to be photographed. People hardly grab tickets for travelling home. They tired and have many belongings needed to carry. However, the demand of public transportation cannot be fulfilled. The railway authority can't even restrict people from sitting on the roof of the train. People helping each other with smiles on their faces showing joy and peace in their hearts. Little boys take opportunity to sell bottled water and snacks. I hope these people can be safe in their journey.