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Entry Title: "FARMED"
Paul Hart
, United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Book (Series Only), Professional

Entry Description: The Fens, a region of reclaimed marshland in eastern England, is one of the richest arable areas of the UK. Paul Hart has been photographing this landscape of agribusiness over the last six years.

In FARMED he explores this wide-open environment a linear landscape of straight lines and flat horizons, which is monoculture at it's core. Hart’s narrative pin points the objects that remain, when all that surrounds has been cleared by modern agricultural practice. He conveys nature’s vulnerability within this unsheltered and unprotected environment.

Hart's working method is in the vein of documentary, exploring our relationship with the landscape by highlighting elements that are so often overlooked. He employs the analogue process and traditional darkroom techniques, to convey something of the soulful in a landscape that is rarely considered.