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Entry Title: "Salvador aged 6, Bullfighter in training"
Christina Simons
, Australia
Category and Expertise: People, Professional

Entry Description: Salvador trains for four hours every Saturday and Sunday morning. Since the age of 5 he has been learning the craft of bullfighting.

After training all Sunday morning he prepares for the main bullfight of the week which commences at 4pm. Prior to leaving he is dressed by his older sister in one of seventeen carefully crafted outfits. Salvador, is privileged enough to be able to meet his hero matadors, that he even is dedicated a bull upon it’s death fairly regularly. His greatest hero Juan Jose Padilla aka “The Pirate” was once gored through the eye and ear and went on to fight again 6 months later. His parents take comfort from their Christian faith that he will be protected from injury in years to come. Catholicism is a key part of the bullfighting tradition and has served many a Torero to face his fears and confront his Toro.